Earadat Booking System

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  • This Service will cover SABIC and Its Affiliates in Jubail.
  • This Service will be applicable for Direct Hire Staff only normal & shifts.
  • Employees Contribution will be SAR 500 per month and It will be deducted from first month joining the service regardless of the subscription date.
  • Participants will be committed for minimum one-year membership including vacations except exceptional leave (Unpaid Leave).
  • An exemption will be applied if an employee transferred to Jubail Industrial City, If an employee transferred within SABIC sites in Jubail, then it will be subject to availability.
  • If an employee resident city changed to another (within specified cities) (Dammam, Khobar, Safwa, Saihat, Qatif) - then, it will be subject for availability.
  • (Smoking, loud sounds, taking pictures, making videos, carrying food in open containers) are prohibited during the journey. Travelers must observe housekeeping at all times.
  • Travelers must also observe code of ethics & rules of conduct during the journey.
  • In case a misconduct violation is committed, employee will be subject to penalties stipulated In the violations & penalties schedule for SABIC and Affiliates approved by Ministry of Labor SABIC Bus Service - HR Policy
  • Employee shall present his company ID card to the Bus Driver for verification before riding the bus
  • Employees should carry their own belongings every time, anything left or lost inside the bus is not the responsibility of Sabic or the service provider.
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